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Tickets for Festivals

We organize a storytelling festival twice a year. You always have a guaranteed place on them and access to the recordings archive.
You also go to additional events such as premieres or meetings.

Important Reportages

You get always open content from us and not less than 6 special projects regarding current events, e.g. Belarus, Sri Lanka, Lesbos or Donbas in an interactive form.

Only in 2021 were we nominated for the “European Pulitzer” or awarded by the International Center for Journalists.

Documentary films

Photography, interviews, and recordings for a film about the energy transformation are in progress. You will get at least two such movies every year.

Support independent international journalism

We need your support especially now, so that we can focus on work and not on finances. Join a world based on knowledge and information. Thank you!

Anna Górnicka, Outriders editor-in-chief

Our magazines

Brief, Unblock, Power. Over 70 editions a year!  On different days throughout the week we publish our magazines as newsletters, vlogs and podcasts. Thanks to them you can learn more about what is happening in the world.

Festivals and events

Tickets for all our events are a part of subscription. We create the best storytelling festival in Europe. And your participation is always guaranteed.

Unique content

We create content of the highest standard and your support allows us to develop the quality that few can guarantee. Our productions win prizes and are nominated in international competitions.

Even more for you as part of the program

Discounts from partners

Discount packages from our partners. New companies join our program every month

Special publications

In 2021, we will publish an ebook and a comic. We are storytellers, so especially for you we produce unique publications available for Outriders World members


You use the collective wisdom of our closed group. We talk about the world together and help each other. We meet on a special Discord server. We also have a Facebook group.

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Why did you start the membership program?
We’re living in interesting times today, which we couldn’t have foreseen and get prepared for. We sit at home, days go by roughly doing the same, we wonder what we can and can’t do. We think what will happen tomorrow, in a month, in a year. No matter which country we live in, how rich or poor we are, whether we have a family or not – we wonder how long this situation will last and what kind of world we’ll end up with. We don’t know how this situation will affect our organization, but we want to be ready for it even now. This is why we need the financial support of our Readers. In return, we offer verified information and solutions from the entire world related to COVID-19, we respond to needs and concerns. We inform. Factually.
Will this membership program develop?
Yes, absolutely. Due to the pandemic, we had to change our approach to the benefits. We’re waiting for companies to open and develop new strategies after the crisis.
Why did you create a membership program and not just regular donations?
In our opinion, this is currently the best model. It allows the readers support us and builds towards the community we’ve long fostered. We’ve long loved our community, they know they support us, our mission and our work and now they receive something in return.