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When something bad happens, we react constructively. Radar is the best data from all over the world regarding the fight against COVID-19, all in one place.

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We search for solutions, that’s why we invest in journalism of solutions – responding directly to social problems, fears and needs.

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Anna Górnicka, Outriders editor-in-chief

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We connect the worlds of journalism, telling stories, exploration, technology and art. The best stories. The best storytellers.

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Telegram from Ukraine

Unblock is a new magazine about Ukraine, Belarus and Russia as well as other countries of the Eastern Bl…

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A new way of talking and of public debates. Recommend your own GIF to us or use our suggestions.


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Why did you start the membership program?
We’re living in interesting times today, which we couldn’t have foreseen and get prepared for. We sit at home, days go by roughly doing the same, we wonder what we can and can’t do. We think what will happen tomorrow, in a month, in a year. No matter which country we live in, how rich or poor we are, whether we have a family or not – we wonder how long this situation will last and what kind of world we’ll end up with. We don’t know how this situation will affect our organization, but we want to be ready for it even now. This is why we need the financial support of our Readers. In return, we offer verified information and solutions from the entire world related to COVID-19, we respond to needs and concerns. We inform. Factually.
Will this membership program develop?
Yes, absolutely. Due to the pandemic, we had to change our approach to the benefits. We’re waiting for companies to open and develop new strategies after the crisis.
Why did you create a membership program and not just regular donations?
In our opinion, this is currently the best model. It allows the readers support us and builds towards the community we’ve long fostered. We’ve long loved our community, they know they support us, our mission and our work and now they receive something in return.